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Massage Chair

Human Touch Massage Chair

30 min   $25

The Human Touch Novo XT2 Massage Chair can provide maintenance and complementary treatments to your regularly scheduled ongoing massages with your therapist. It is also beneficial on its own, offering an advanced three-dimensional massage from shoulders and spine down to the thighs.

The massage chair provides a therapeutic massage that can be custom-tailored to fit your lifestyle whether you are preparing for a strenuous workout, recovering from injury or relaxing after a long day. Regular massage increases oxygen flow in the blood to ease tight muscles, relieve back pain, reduce muscle spasms, relieve tension-related headaches and alleviate the effects of eyestrain. 

Call 706-894-9374 to ask about our multi-session Massage Chair packages.

What Our Clients Are Saying

When the purely magical hands of Rosmery are unavailable, don't hesitate to book her second in command; the very high end robotic massage chair!

If you've never experienced In Touch's chair, here's my take on it. The highly skilled, robot masseuse completely envelops your body -all the way down to your toes!- and combines air pressure therapy with shiatsu rolling that provided me with a deep tissue massage. If the deep massage isn't your thing; don't worry, it can go as lightly as you prefer. The chair also has a selectable sound library of which I chose a lovely thunderstorm. The great news is it put me to sleep... the bad news is I caught myself snoring! LOL!

When you book with In Touch, you will ALWAYS reach the kindest people who truly care. They are very accommodating and do their best to work you in as soon as humanly possible. The type of appt reminders sent by In Touch aren't intrusive at all but VERY helpful.

Lastly, Rosmery is a highly experienced therapist who is smart enough to provide a very competent, albeit robotic, partner who provides effective relief in the event she isn't available!

Kelley Chambers

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