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Coach Rosmery

Achieve Body Transformation and Improved Health with Healthy Lifestyle Coaching by Rosmery Jimenez
Focus on Results: Weight Loss, Healthy Habits, and Increased Strength and Mobility

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Coach Rosmery

Your health is one of the most important assets you have. Your body supports you every day, yet so many of us mistreat our bodies through poor diet, insufficient sleep, and a sedentary lifestyle.

It doesn't have to be this way. You can enjoy life AND be healthy by living a healthy lifestyle that is active and balanced.

I am your wellness partner on your path to healthy living. I will motivate you to learn about your body, health, and fitness to make lasting lifestyle changes. I will help you focus on the steps to take towards your health and fitness goals by combining fitness, self-care, and diet.


To create your personal health roadmap, we will review your current lifestyle, health history, knowledge level, and goals. This will help us concentrate our efforts on customized results in weight loss, building healthy habits, and increased strength and mobility leading to body transformation and improved health.


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Healthy Lifestyle Program

7 Week In-person at Home Program in Northeast Georgia​

The Healthy Lifestyle Program is the ultimate experience in supporting your fitness goals, self-care needs, and healthy eating choices. This 7 week in-person program in Northeast Georgia is designed to help you achieve body transformation and improved health with lasting lifestyle changes. 

The Program takes place in your home and combines fitness, self-care, and diet methodologies and knowledge to help you reach and maintain your best self.  The Program is designed to help you adapt your daily habits while integrating healthy lifestyle choices into your everyday life. The goal of the program is to maximize results in weight loss, building healthy habits, and increased strength and mobility.

Healthy Lifestyle Program Benefits

The combination of Fitness, Self-Care, and Diet provides the best investment you can make for yourself and your body. 

Focus on Results: Weight Loss, Building Healthy Habits, and Increased Strength and Mobility.




As a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT), I work with you one-on-one to design a customized workout plan, set your fitness goals, guide you to the correct position when exercising, ensure you are working all your muscle groups safely and motivate you through your wellness journey.

Hand Massage



As a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT), I provide recommendations on the type of therapeutic massage and timing that may be the most beneficial during the Program. I partner with the In Touch Therapeutic Massage and Float Therapy team to support your body's self-care needs.




Through health coaching, I share knowledge on basic healthy eating strategies, general diet needs, simple cooking methods, and provide guidance to healthy food choices and resources that support your body composition, personal training, and healthy lifestyle goals.

Coach Rosmery at

In Touch Therapeutic Massage and Float Therapy

140 Midway Drive, Suite B

Cornelia, GA 30531


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