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Cleaning The Float System

We maintain strict, high standards between each Float Therapy session.

•All floaters are required to bathe and rinse in the on-site shower before entering the float tank.

After the float, all floaters shampoo, bathe and rinse. Learn more about your first float and what to expect when floating.

•The Float Room including the float tank, on-site shower and surface areas are regularly and thoroughly cleaned and sanitized to meet or exceed the standards of the Floatation Tank Association and the local health department.

• Our state-of-the-art float tank has an extensive triple-filtration system that cleans and sanitizes for 20 minutes after every float session.

We provide the cleanest and safest experience possible so you can focus on relaxation!

Float Tank Triple-Filtration System

After every float session, an extensive triple-filtration system filters, cleans and sanitizes the entire contents of the float tank for 20 minutes using ultraviolet (UV) light, an ozone treatment and a hydrogen peroxide solution to effectively disinfect the water. The system also runs a 5 minute refresh cycle before every float session. The water is circulated continuously when the float tank is not in use.

Epsom Salt

At the center of our high standards is 1,200 lbs. of pharmaceutical grade magnesium sulfate (aka Epsom salt). This high salt concentration of approximately 30% prevents nearly all bacteria and other microorganisms from multiplying and will often kill them over time. The salt alone is a powerful solution that provides protection.


We fill the float tank with 10 inches of clean, filtered water to create the Epsom salt solution. The solution runs through a triple-filtration system before and after every float session, and is continuously circulated when the float tank is not in use. It is heated to match skin temperature at 93° to 94°, and sustains a 7.2 to 7.8 balanced pH.


The air in the float tank is maintained to match skin temperature at 93° to 94° to ensure you are comfortable while floating. We also use a heated air exchange and exhaust system between each session in order to provide you with heated, fresh air at the beginning of every float session for easy breathing while you relax.
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